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Letter from Bruce Bateman

Executive Director of Ontario Parks

Dear Friends of Sandbanks:

As the Director of Ontario Parks I was forwarded your e-mail sent to the Honorable Kathryn McGarry, Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry, highlighting the most recent Friends of Sandbanks newsletter. I am pleased to respond.

Ontario Parks is proud to be supported by over 25 Friends groups throughout the province dedicated to the organization and the individual parks they are affiliated with. Each Friends group is unique and we are very thankful for the contributions made to enhance visitor experience and park management in many different ways.

Thank you for providing a link to the Friends of Sandbanks newsletter. The contributions your organization has made over the years from raising funds and grant applications, to multi-year reforestation and development projects has been instrumental in helping us with our protection efforts and offering exceptional recreational experiences. I am also pleased to hear that there are many annual events organized by the Friends of Sandbanks and enjoyed by countless park visitors.

I would like to extend our appreciation for all of the hard work, dedication and collaborative efforts over the years. We look forward to working with the Friends of Sandbanks Provincial Park for many years to come.

Yours truly,
Bruce Bateman

Pannes near west Lake Pannes along West Lake Bar; Image 13-7421, John A. Brebner

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