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Flora and Fauna at Sandbanks Park

Fritillary Fritillary found at West Point; Image 15-10040, John A. Brebner, 2015


  • Amphibians
  • Birds
  • Insects
  • Mammals
  • Reptiles

Leopard Frog Leopard Frog at the sandbanks; Image 13-6607, John A. Brebner, 2013


Hoary puccoon Hoary puccoon on the West Lake Bar; Image 12-1054, John A. Brebner, 2012

Species at Risk in Sandbanks Park

Invasive Species in Sandbanks Park

Mute Swans Mute Swans on West Lake; Image 15-7418, John A. Brebner, 2015

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