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Sandbanks' Geology

Before you start digging up any part of the Park or removing any artefacts... don't!

See this List of Park guidelines.

The 1972 Walter Tovell Report on the future of sand removal at the Lake Ontario Cement Limited sand quarry at West Lake

It's not pollution... it's magnetite!... the fine black particles of iron along the Sandbanks Beach

West Lake Brick Factory... a short history

Pancake Hill...located north of Belleville, this was the northern edge of the extent of glacial Lake Iroquois at the end of the last ice age.

Pancake Hill, north of Belleville View of glacial till at Pancake Hill, north of Belleville; Image 14-3204, John A. Brebner

1985 MNR Report on sand deposition

Vegetation Restoration in the Park from Park Research Forum of Ontario (PRFO) 2003 Proceedings; Brent Tegler and Corina Brdar

Geology of the Wellington Bar, Elizabeth Peat; (13 Mb .pdf file, partial)

Lake on the Mountain Archaeological Study, 2005; (45 Mb .pdf file)

North Beach Archaeological Study, 2005; (36 Mb .pdf file)

A Report on the Sand Dunes of Prince Edward County, 1972 (Green and Alexander); (23 Mb .pdf file)

Conservation Archaeology Report, Locational Analysis of Prince Edward County, Ken Swayze, 1976 (88 Mb .pdf file)

Sandbanks Provincial Park: A Cultural Resources Study, 1991 (58 Mb .pdf file)

State of the Lake, East Lake Watershed, draft 2012-2013 (53 Mb .pdf file)

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