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How do I reserve a campsite?

  • The Friends of Sandbanks Park do not make reservations for campsites! Please use the Park Reservation site for all campsite bookings.

What type of camping is available at Sandbanks?

  • Individual campsites
  • Group campsites
  • RV Campsites
  • Two historic houses/cottages

Can I bring my pets?

  • Yes... but all pets must be on a leash of no more than 2 m (6 feet) at all times.
  • There are two pet-friendly areas, one at the south end of Sandbanks Beach, the other at the mouth of the Outlet River

Can I bring my own firewood?

Is the water safe for swimming?

  • Water is analyzed weekly at several locations along the beaches. If any bacterial issues are found, then the beach will be visibly posted, It's unusual that all three beaches would be posted at the same time. Visitors are encouraged to explore the Park's many other attractions, such as trails and bicycle paths.
  • In 2017, the Outlet Beach was awarded the prestigious Blue Flag designation for achieving high standards in 33 criteria including water quality, environmental education, environmental management, safety and services.

Can I bring my bicycle?

  • Bicycles are allowed on Park roads, the Woodlands Trail, the Lakeview Trail and the MacDonald Trail.
  • The Friends have purchased bicycle racks throughout the Park to encourage less motorized traffic.
  • Please be especially careful when driving along County Road 12, as there is no shoulder, and traffic can often be very busy during the summer.

Where can I rent a bicycle in the County?

What are the regulations for using watercraft at the beach?

  • Boats may be launched at the Outlet River Boat Launch
  • All personal watercraft must remain at least 400 metres off the beach at all times.

Can I rent a canoe or kayak?

  • Yes. The Woodyard within the park on the Outlet Rivers rents canoes, kayaks and paddleboards.
  • Pontoon boats and fishing skiffs can be rented at several commercial locations, both on East and West Lakes.

Can I barbecue on the beach?

  • Yes... either propane or charcoal. Please respect the comfort of other beach-goers, and do not bury hot coals in the sand.

What does it mean when there's a fire ban?

  • Fire bans sometimes occur in late summer when conditions are dry.
  • Bans may be full (all open fires prohibited) or partial (fires restricted to evenings) But even during such fire bans, cooking is permitted on barbecues and stoves.
  • You will be notified if there is a fire ban in place when you check-in; additionally, signs will be posted throught the Park.

Does the Park supply wheelchairs?

  • Yes, the Park has two specially designed beach wheelchairs with large wheels that are ideal for use on the beach sands.
  • They can be reserved at the Woodyard on the Outlet River.

How do I find out about Park and Friends activities?

  • Weekly event fliers are posted on bulletin boards throughout the Park.
  • Many events take place at the Park Amphitheatre
  • Major events are listed on the Friends of Sandbanks website. Bookmark our Upcoming Events Page!
  • You can subscribe to the Friends of Sandbanks Monthly Information Email.
  • Most internal events are free or by donation for campers. If you are a day visitor, you will require a Park Pass, otherwise your vehicle may be ticketed.

  • County and local events can be found in at Prince Edward County Guide, in the local papers, available throughout the County

Where can I get something to eat in the Park?

Are alcoholic beverages allowed on the beaches?

  • No. Alcohol may only be consumed on a registered campsite. There is a total ban on alcohol from May 12 through May 22, 2017.

Does the Park have picnic areas/shelters?

  • Yes... (more)

Complaints about washrooms, trash, garbage

  • The Park has over 750,000 day-visits per year. Unfortunately, quite a few inconsiderate people insist on leaving their garbage behind, spoiling this beautiful spot for others.
  • Park Staff empty trash barrels and maintain beach surfaces daily.
  • Instead of complaining, take an empty trash bag on your next walk, and pick up any garbage! Take the higher path!
  • Remember the motto "Take only photographs, leave only footprints" and remember that this beautiful Park is a legacy for all Canadians, their children and grandchildren to enjoy.

Can't find the answer to your question?

  • Please send us an email. If we don't know the answer, we know who will!
  • Visit the main Park Office, or call 613.393.3319

  • Note: The Friends of Sandbanks do not make reservations for campsites! Please use the Park Reservation site for all campsite bookings.

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