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Prince Edward County Genealogies 2020

Why list County genealogies on our Friends of Sandbanks site? I have been asked that question a number of times, and the simple answer is to better understand the human activities that shaped this area since 1785. As an avid genealogist, and professional photographer, I find that many of what appear to be unrelated endeavours coalesce after more detailed research into the individual families.

Not only do compiled genealogies such as these shown here help link the various families for any interested researcher, they also provide a useful tool in making identification of old photographs. So often a photo may only have the identification of "Auntie Annie Reid", or even less. If you have a collection of images, then you may be able to sleuth other family members from the remaining photographs, based on a location or name link.

One of my own personal projects is the digitizing of extant county images. I am happy to provide that service on location, at no charge for anyone with a collection of old photographs, glass plates or negatives, both black and white, or colour slides.

Annually, I provide the Prince Edward County Archives with copies of all digitized images, with as much identification that I can find.

Having these compiled "bare bones" genealogies are very useful for any serious researcher.

I welcome corrections, additions, comments, histories, or old stories.

These genealogies are provided "as-is". While I have over thirty years in genealogy research under my belt, particularly in Scotland, there is no guarantee of accuracy. Caveat emptor!

Please contact me if you have images to digitize, or information to add!

Ackerman Hendrick Ackerman/Rebekke Halenbeeke OCT 2020
Ainsworth Philip Ainsworth OCT 2020
Allison John Allison/Amy Wood; Adolphustown and Hillier Township OCT 2020
Airhart Henry Airhart JUL 2020
Babcock John Babcock/Sophia Cole OCT 2020
Baker William Baker/Margaret Basey OCT 2020
Barton John Barton/Abigail Dana OCT 2020
Barker David Barker/Lydia Shove OCT 2020
Beckwith James Beckwith NOV 2020
Bentley Elijah Bentley OCT 2020
Bird John Bird/Sarah Kane OCT 2020
Blakely James Blakely/Ann Keogh OCT 2020
Blanchard Stephen Blanchard OCT 2020
Bleeker John Bleeker/Mary Meyers OCT 2020
Bogart Gilbert Bogart/Maria Lent OCT 2020
Bonisteel Henry Bonisteel/Anna Bush OCT 2020
Bongard Conrad Bongard/Susannah Stauss JUL 2020
Boulter Nathaniel Boulter OCT 2020
Bowerman Thomas Bowerman/Hannah Annable OCT 2020
Boyd James Boyd/Eliza Hamilton OCT 2020
Branscombe Arthur Branscombe/Rachel Lafurgie OCT 2020
Brewer Aaron Brewer OCT 2020
Brisco Norris Brisco/Elizabeth Aylesworth OCT 2020
Burdett John Burdett/Nancy Meyers OCT 2020
Burlingham Reuben Burlingham; Athol Township JUL 2020
Cadman William Cadman OCT 2020
Canniff Jeremiah Canniff OCT 2020
Channell Thomas Channell/Charlotte Franklin OCT 2020
Clapp James Clapp/Rachel Palmatier OCT 2020
Cole Simon Cole/Mary Trumpour OCT 2020
Coleman Harvey Coleman/Margaret Wiltse OCT 2020
Conger David Conger/Mary Bates OCT 2020
Cory William Cory OCT 2020
Cowan William Cowan/Ella Wilkins OCT 2020
Cryderman Michael Cryderman/Mary Hicks OCT 2020
Dainard Jacob Dainard OCT 2020
Daubney Edward Daubney/Leah Bear OCT 2020
Danforth Samuel Danforth NOV 2020
Demorest John Demorest OCT 2020
Demille Isaac Demille/Mary Dixon OCT 2020
Dempsey Thomas Dempsey/Mary Lawson OCT 2020
Denike Andrew Denike/Catherine Burn OCT 2020
Dorland Jan Gerretsee Dorland OCT 2020
Drewry George Drewry/Elizabeth Pepper OCT 2020
Dulmage David Dulmage/Mary Jennings OCT 2020
Farrington Samuel Farrington/Catherine Brown OCT 2020
Faulkner Sylvester Faulkner/Mary Cram OCT 2020
Finkle George Finkle OCT 2020
Flagler Thomas Flagler/Nancy Roblin OCT 2020
Flindall James Flindall OCT 2020
Foster Joseph Foster OCT 2020
Fox Henry Fox/Catherine Brickman OCT 2020
Fraleigh Jacob Fraleigh OCT 2020
Garratt Hugh Garratt OCT 2020
Gildersleeve Obadiah Gildersleeve OCT 2020
Godkin Joseph Godkin NOV 2020
Gunter Abraham Gunter/Mary Clarke OCT 2020
Ham John Ham/Elizabeth Densbaugh OCT 2020
Hamilton John Hamilton/Selena Vance OCT 2020
Haylock William Haylock/Sarah Bumstead OCT 2020
Heffernan James Heffernan/Mary McArthur OCT 2020
Hicks Joseph Hicks/Elizabeth Harrison OCT 2020
Hoover Casper Hoover OCT 2020
Hubbs Robert Hubbs/Jane Haviland JUL 2020
Huyck Burger Huyck/Janet Hogeboom OCT 2020
Hyatt Abraham Hyatt/Catherine Leavens; Hallowell Township OCT 2020
   Hyatt Abraham Hyatt/Miriam Mills; Schenectady, New York JAN 2019
   Hyatt Samuel Hyatt, Dutchess County, New York JAN 2019
   Hyatt Elijah Hyatt, New York, Wisconsin, Hallowell OCT 2020
Istead John Istead OCT 2020
Jackson Robert Jackson OCT 2020
Jaques John Jaques OCT 2020
Jamieson Robert Jamieson OCT 2020
Jeffers Robert Jeffers OCT 2020
Jinks Elijah Jinks/Hester Ferguson OCT 2020
Johnson John Johnson/Eliza Moore OCT 2020
Jones Robert Jones/Mary Bell OCT 2020
Kelley William Kelley/Elizabeth White OCT 2020
Ketchum Thaddeus Ketchum OCT 2020
Kingsley Nicholas Kingsley/Susan Newnham OCT 2020
Kleinsteuber Theodore Kleinsteuber/Dartha Heyn; Elzevir and Hallowell OCT 2020
Lazier James Lazier/Meribeth Dorland; Hallowell Township OCT 2020
Leavens Peter Leavens/Catherine Caston; Dutchess County, Hallowell Township OCT 2020
Macaulay Willian Macaulay/Ann Geddes; Picton OCT 2020
Mastin Minard Mastin/Nancy Morgan OCT 2020
Mastin Minard Mastin/Eleanor VanVlack; Hallowell Township JUL 2020
McDonald Daniel McDonald; Hallowell Township OCT 2020
McDonnell Charles McDonnell/Sarah Pearce OCT 2020
McFaul Robert McFaul; Hallowell Township OCT 2020
Merrill Samuel Merrill/Ruth Brown OCT 2020
Merrill Samuel Merrill/Catherine Yerex; Kingston JUL 2020
Meyers John Walden Meyers/Polly Kruger OCT 2020
Mills Alfred Mills/Eliza Shoebridge, West Point, Hallowell Township OCT 2020
Minaker Lewis Minaker/Lydia Collier; South Marysburgh OCT 2020
Munroe Daniel Munroe/Elizabeth Burlingham; South Marysburgh OCT 2020
Noxon James Noxon/Mary Bentley; Sophiasburgh OCT 2020
Onderdonk Andrus Onderdonk/Maria Smith OCT 2020
Ostrander Isaac Ostrander/Sarah Harrington; South Marysburgh JUL 2020
Parliament George Parliament/Mary Garnier; Ameliasburgh OCT 2020
Pettet Daniel Pettet/Elizabeth Platt; Hallowell Township OCT 2020
Pettit John Pettit OCT 2020
Pettingill Samuel Pettingill OCT 2020
Quackenbush Reynard Quackenbush/Martha Parliament OCT 2020
Quaiff William Quaiff OCT 2020
Richardson Arthur Richardson/Winifred Symington; Toronto OCT 2020
Robb Joseph Robb, Angus, Belleville and Montreal OCT 2020
Rose Peter Rose/Winifred Burns; South Marysburgh OCT 2020
Ruttan William Ruttan/Maria Demorest OCT 2020
Rutter John Rutter JUL 2020
Ryckman John Ryckman/Susannah Brown OCT 2020
Sedore Coonradt Sedore, New York and Lennox and Addington OCT 2020
Shoebridge James Shoebridge/Sarah Goldsmith, England and Prince Edward OCT 2020
Simpson Obadiah Simpson OCT 2020
Spafford John Spafford/Elizabeth Scott; Massachusetts, Hallowell Township OCT 2020
Sprung David/Richard Sprung OCT 2020
Steele Matthew Steele/Elizabeth Benson OCT 2020
Storms Gilbert Storms/Catherine Walrath OCT 2020
Striker Sampson Striker/Ursula Clapp OCT 2020
Terrill Anthony Terrill OCT 2020
Thorne Robert Thorne/Sophia Pels OCT 2020
Tompsett Jesse Tompsett/Elizabeth Fields OCT 2020
Tripp Richard Tripp/Elizabeth Waddington OCT 2020
Trumpour Johannes Trumpour OCT 2020
Tubbs Isaiah Tubbs/Rhoda Shepard OCT 2020
Valleau Peter Valleau/Janet Lazier OCT 2020
Vanalstine Peter Vanalstine OCT 2020
Vandusen Robert Vandusen/Christine Ham OCT 2020
Vanhorn Cornelius Vanhorn OCT 2020
Wadforth Stephen Wadforth OCT 2020
Wallbridge Henry Wallbridge/Anna Amos OCT 2020
Walmsley James Walmsley/Prudence Johnston; South Marysburgh OCT 2020
Waring James Waring OCT 2020
Way William Way OCT 2020
Weese John Weese OCT 2020
Welbanks Thomas Welbanks/Margaret Larue; South Marysburgh OCT 2020
Widdifield Henry Widdifield/Anna Lundy OCT 2020
Wiltse Hendrick Wiltse OCT 2020
Wing Gershom Wing/Rebecca Chase OCT 2020
Wright Daniel Wright; North Marysburgh OCT 2020
Yerex William Yerex/Jemima Youmans; Hallowell Township OCT 2020
Youmans Arthur Youmans/Jane Kelly OCT 2020
Young Stephen Young/Lucy Marsh OCT 2020
Zufelt Henry Zufelt/Elizabeth Young OCT 2020

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