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Welcome to Friends of Sandbanks!

Sandbanks Provincial Park, its beautiful and unique beaches, nature trails, camping and activities are enjoyed by over 750,000 visitors each year.

The Friends of Sandbanks Park, a charitable, non-profit organization was created in 1993 by a small group of local volunteers, in an effort to support Park staff in the maintenance, enhancement and protection of this unique natural wonder.

Sandbanks Park is home to the largest fresh-water baymouth bar in the world, and while that translates into miles of beautiful sand beaches, there is so much more to discover within this world-class natural wonder!

Please explore our site to learn more about the fascinating flora and fauna, geology and history of this unique corner of Prince Edward County.


The Dunes at West Lake

Above: Dunes Beach at West Lake

Note: The Friends of Sandbanks DO NOT MAKE Park Campsite Reservations.

Please use the Ontario Parks Booking Site for ALL reservations.

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