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Prince Edward County Genealogies

To know more about how the Sandbanks evolved throughout the 19th century, it's very helpful to look at the genealogies of the original settlers, landowners and merchants.

For many years, my interest in genealogy and history has driven me toward seeking out more information about the original families of the County.

To that end, I provide here what is an initial series of genealogies of some of the County families. This very much ongoing research! While I hope that what is presented here is accurate, I know that it is incomplete for the 20th century as well as for descendants outside the County!

Much of the early history is transcribed from the PEC Genealogy "Bible", Pioneer Life on the Bay of Quinte, 1904. But while that hefty volume has details of many County families, other pioneer families are conspicuous by their absence.

These include the Hyatt family who played an important role in the development of the lands around what is now the Sandbanks Provincial Park, both in the early development of agriculture as well as in nascent 19th century tourism.

Many of those original conservative New York Quaker families would have found the self-aggrandisement of such a "vanity" publication contrary to their Friends' beliefs.

These are not intended to be "full" family histories, but simply genealogies intended as a research tool to help study the many interconnected relationships of County families, and are being revised and updated on an ongoing basis as more information is compiled.

We welcome additions, comments, and especially, corrections!

Not listed here? Drop me a line... I have updated and ongoing research of many other PEC family genealogies that I'd be happy to share!

And if you have Brebner family interests, please check out my site

West Point Holiday Makers

West Point Holiday Makers, about 1890, near the Lakeshore Lodge, looking north-east to the West Lake Bar; Image 12-3136, courtesy PEC Archives

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