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Friends of Sandbanks Annual General Meeting 2020

December 8th, 2020 at 16h00

This meeting will be held as a Zoom Teleconference.

Please familiarize yourself with the following courtesy rules.

Everyone is welcome to participate in this Annual General Meeting, but attendance is by invitation only to mitigate any unwanted intrusions to the meeting.

Only paid-up 2020-2021 members and Board members are allowed to vote. Accordingly, during the formal part of the meeting, all other participants will be muted. Non-members will have a chance to ask questions after the formal part of the meeting has concluded, or by special consideration by the moderator.

If you wish to make a presentation at this meeting, please indicate your participation and ensure that a .pdf copy of that presentation has been lodged with the Board prior to December 1st, 2020.

Send all presentations and questions to:

An Agenda for the Meeting, and links to all pertinent Board documentation will be forwarded to all confirmed participants prior to the meeting as well as being posted on our website prior to December 8th.

We suggest that all participants familiarize themselves with the "mute" feature on their own zoom connection (or telephone, if that is how you are connecting), and unless you are planning to make a comment, we highly recommend that your maintain a mute status on your own connection until you are ready to speak. This will prevent the unwelcome interruption of personal telephone calls, pet noises, and fits of geriatric coughing that are extremely intrusive during another participant's presentation!

Please be aware that many of our members may not have perfect hearing. Their comprehension of our discussions will be enhanced by a quiet background free from spurious noise! Any participants who ignore this feature and interrupt the meeting flow will be muted by the moderator until interruptions from their connection are over.

We expect to have twenty to thirty participants, and following these suggestions will allow the meeting to run as smoothly and expeditiously as possible.

In the interest of order, we suggest that any participant who wishes to make a comment raise his/her hand to get the attention of the moderator, who will unmute that person's feed as required.

Please speak clearly!

Everyone will have a chance to voice his/her opinion at the meeting, but as some internet connections may be less robust than others, following these protocols will help to ensure a smooth and productive meeting. If you have multiple devices on your internet connection, it is recommended that you limit their data usage of your connection during this event to prevent audio/video drop-outs.

A video recording will be made of the AGM, and transcribed minutes made available on our website after the meeting.

There will be an informal "meet-and greet" for 30 minutes prior to the formal meeting at 16h00; we suggest that you check-in during that informal time before the scheduled meeting time of 16h00 to ensure that your audio and video feeds are working properly. (and, of course, to chat informally with your Board Members!)

For an invitation to participate, or to receive the Board Documentation Package, (available December 2nd), please email:

Many thanks for your cooperation! See you all December 8th, 2020 at 16h00.

John A. Brebner
Media Relations Coordinator

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