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Architecture and Archaeology in the Park

Historic Sites

Many of these sites are still being researched. More information will be added throughout 2019-2020. We welcome any digital images that you could provide!

Lakeland Lodge   Site Name: Lakeland Lodge
Geographic coordinates: 43.9023, -77.2470
Condition: Lodge and outbuildings removed, some docks and beach artifacts
Lakeshore Lodge   Site Name: Lakeshore Lodge
Geographic coordinates: 43.8922, -77.2807
Condition: Built about 1869, burned 1983, foundation ruins and interpretive plaques
Outlet River Bridges   Site Name: Outlet River Bridges
Geographic coordinates: 43.9016, -77.2243
Condition: Foundation concrete of old bridges still visible, new bridges standing
West Lake Brick Factory   Site Name: West Lake Brick Factory
Geographic coordinates: 43.9080, -77.2742
Condition: Removed, some artifacts including abandoned ore cart, iron rail still visible

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